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Concrete Polishing Adelaide

At Polished Concrete Adelaide SA, we do amazing things with concrete. Polished concrete offers a stunning & versatile way of improving your home or business.
It’s a tough, smooth surface that looks gorgeous and could last longer than you or me, if properly maintained. It looks clean and can be finished according to your preferences, with different colours and patterns.

Polished concrete can add a whole new dynamic to your home, especially when it comes to flooring. These are key pieces of décor that can define a room – and a beautiful, polished finish can really make your home look the part.

Polished Concrete Services

We offer a variety of concrete polishing services – ranging from floors to surfaces to furniture.  As experts in the field with expertise and experience, we know how to get the most from your space.

Concrete polishing is the catch-all for what we do, but it usually refers to flooring. We polish concrete down – just like sanding wood – until the surface is a smooth and beautiful texture and appearance. We can also finish this concrete with any number of patterns or dyes to provide the varnish with a truly unique style.

Concrete grinding is what we do to even out a bumpy, “unfinished” concrete floor. This is what you see during construction works, to make sure that surfaces are flat, even, and beautiful. This doesn’t always include a finish to the floor, so the kind of thing you’d usually see in a basement. This prepares floors for future work, or can be a good way of evening out problem floors in your home or garage.

Epoxy flooring is the fun stuff: a lacquered, polished concrete comes up with a beautiful shine and texture. It’s how we make concrete look like the most beautiful, high-class material around.
Epoxy flooring takes the humble concrete we all know and turns it into something stunning – turning your home into a real showcase of class and style.
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polished Concrete Adelaide SA

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Our 3 Concreting Company Values

1 - Safety

Concrete is a tricky business, and we make sure that it doesn’t impact on the rest of your home. Our concrete work is safe and well-organised to ensure there’s only concrete where you want it!

The grinding and finishing processes are carefully performed according to regulations and our best-practice methods to ensure the safety of your home. We are qualified, certified professionals and our grinding/polishing work is our professional seal.

2 - Quality

We believe you’re only as good as your body of work. That’s why our main focus is on quality – putting together a result you’re proud to have in your home. We’re doing work on your most valuable asset – a huge investment and a place you call home. That’s why we produce all of our work to an exacting standard, so you’re in love with the result.

We follow uncompromising standards from equipment to methods to choice of epoxy lacquers. Everything we do is to the highest standard so that the result is, too!

3 - Customer Service

Concrete polishing is about more than concrete: it’s about the service that gets you from what you have to what you want. We focus on providing a smooth, supportive, efficient customer service pattern from start to finish.

Nobody wants to deal with unresponsive contractors or be left with a floor half-finished. These are common issues with low-quality workers, and we define ourselves by being the opposite: top quality polishing with top quality service.

Adelaide Concrete Polishing Services



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This is our bread and butter: at Concrete Polishing Adelaide we polish concrete – hence the name!
Concrete polishing covers the wide range of concrete services we offer to customers all across the Adelaide area, in a wide range of colours and styles. 
We have in-depth knowledge from our extensive experience, offering a top-quality service and result every time. 


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Polished concrete can be stunning, but you know what isn’t appealing? An unfinished, bumpy concrete floor.
Our concrete grinding service leaves floors smooth and even, leaving your floors ready for treatment – or just in better shape.
Whether it’s in the basement, home, or garage, an unsightly concrete floor reduces the value of your home. It’s also an unsightly inconvenience in the one place you should feel truly comfortable and proud. We grind concrete down and make sure the mess is cleaned up and cleared away, ready for you to return to use – or ready for polishing and finishing!



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We are incredibly proud of our epoxy flooring. We polish concrete down to a fine, smooth texture and then use epoxy to give it the beautiful, shiny texture you’re familiar with. It’s a process of turning normal concrete into a gorgeous feature-piece of your home.
Our epoxy can support a number of dyes and colours, giving you a chance to really make a statement in your home. It’s also amazingly tough and easy to maintain – making it an outstanding practical and aesthetic choice.


Why Hire A Qualified Concrete Polishing Company?

Concrete polishing really isn’t something you can DIY! Trying to polish concrete without experience and certification is likely to cause more problems – and cost more – than doing it professionally. Concrete polishing is a specialist field with a lot of specific and costly equipment. It also takes lots of training to make sure you’re getting an even, consistent finish, and not just grinding down the concrete.

Concrete polishing and finishing can add a huge amount of value to your home, completely changing the aesthetics of a room. If you’re looking to modernize your décor, a finished concrete floor is an amazing way to achieve a modern look at a great price. This can improve the value of your home to prospective buyers, or just make it a place you want to live!

Upgrade Your Most Valuable Asset

Polished concrete flooring is growing in popularity because it’s a cheap and effective way to make the most of your home. Concrete polishing and finishing is taking the housing market by storm because beautiful flooring is one of the first things people will notice about your home.

You can completely overhaul the impression your home leaves with quality polished concrete floors. It can turn an old home into something new, bright, and fresh with very little actual change.

It’s also built to last – your polished concrete flooring is probably going to be the last thing in your home that actually breaks or degrades. It’s completely hypoallergenic, it’s easy to clean, and it adds modern sophistication to any space.

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Professionally Polished Concrete Floors Adelaide

Good concrete polishing is a simple process when you’re working with qualified, experienced experts.

The floor has to be evened out to make sure the finish is just right. We use a concrete grinder to even out any bumps or rough spots, leaving a smooth and even surface.

Then we polish, just like sanding wood. We use increasingly fine finishes to bring out a smooth finish on the concrete itself and bring out the beauty of the material.
 This is where patterned concrete happens, too, once it’s evened out.

Finishing the job is a layer of epoxy lacquer, which gives polished concrete it’s hallmark shine and look. This is the magical process of turning normal concrete into glistening marble-like finishes in your home.
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Professional Concrete Polishers in Adelaide

If you’re interested in adding polished concrete flooring to your home – Polished Concrete Adelaide is the right place to look. We’re experts in the field offering amazing service with a focus on good communication and a beautiful end-result. 

We’re on-hand to make the most of your home, adding a stunning finish to any floor or kitchen! Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation today, and see if polished concrete is the final touch your home needs!
Polished Concrete Adelaide SA is following the standard set by your local council for any permits needed before work can take place. We also follow industry guidelines from National Precast Concrete Association Australia.
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