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A high-quality epoxy finish is what turns polished concrete from a simple concrete floor into one of the most popular, beautiful additions you could make to your home.

When we take polished concrete and add epoxy over the top, we make it both incredibly durable and give it that characteristic sheen that makes polished concrete so appealing. It captures both the practical and artistic wonders of polished concrete.

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Epoxy Flooring Adelaide

We’ve been epoxying polished concrete floors all over Adelaide, and we’re experts in the field.
We offer both clear epoxy solutions and custom-dyed and coloured versions. This allows your concrete floor the chance to make a real personal and unique statement – offering something completely unique to your home.

This allows you to match your floors to the colour themes of your home, or simply provide them with the lustrous and durable finish that polished concrete is known for.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Epoxy-finished polished concrete floors are among the best-looking and most practical options for our homes. They are unbelievably hard-wearing and durable. Your polished concrete floor is likely to be looking as-new long after the walls and doors have been replaced. The concrete is famously tough, and the epoxy finish reduces the risk of any permanent damage or marking.

If you’ve epoxy-cured concrete floor, it’s also easy to clean and maintain, and easy to smooth over if you do manage to cause some permanent damage to the finish. Polished concrete offers the practical benefits of laminate but the distinctive look of marble or stone. It’s a great mid-ground between the visuals and the everyday maintenance of your floors!

Epoxy Flooring Process

Once a concrete floor is even and polished, the addition of epoxy is a simple and fast process. It involves a lot of precision, but it simply finishing the floor – the grinding and polishing processes are where most of the time goes. It does, of course, require some time to set and be buffed to a beautiful finish.

If you’re interested in adding a practical and beautiful addition to your floors with an epoxy finish, get in touch with Polished Concrete Adelaide SA for a free quote today!
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